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1st dissemination conference in Austria onMay 31, 2017

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2nd dissemination conference in Austria on March 22, 2018


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Final conference in Lodz, Poland on 12.6.2018

On 12.6.2018 the final conference took place in Lodz, Poland. Conference program and presentations:
Agenda - Download here
- Handbook and QT methods database (Karin Steiner -abif - analysis consulting and interdicplinary research, Wiedeń, Austria) - Download here
- Manager Guideline – overall picture of creating a quality culture on an organizational level (Sophie Kroiss , EPRA - European Peer Review Association , Wiedeń, Austria) - Download here
- Student Leadership and Mentoring(SLAM!) (Xavier Lewis Rodriguez , Bridging to the Future Ltd (BtF) , United Kingdom) - Download here
- Practices on improving the quality in training and training organizations (Vanda Garcia Vierra , CECOA , Portugal) - Download here
- New Quality standards in Education and VET (Radosveta Drakeva , Znanie Association , Bulgaria) - Download here
- Hertha Firnberg Schools for Business and Tourism Sophie Kroiss , EPRA - European Peer Review Association , Wiedeń, Austria) - Download here
- Photos from the conference - Download here
- Impressions from the conference - Watch here

Free webinar on April 4, 2017 (in English)

On April 4, 2017, EPRA hosted a free international on-line webinar on testing the 64 methods!
You can find the webinar record here: http://www.peer-review-network.eu/pages/posts/qualitools-for-it-trainers-16.php