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Manager's Workshop 13/11/2017 at Enactus Cardiff

BTF invited managers of Enactus Cardiff to participate. Enactus is an international organisation that promotes social entrepreneurship. In Cardiff particularly, they run social enterprises in education and digital skills. The workshop centred around the uses of nonformal and interactive quality management tools. Managers were invited to test out several of these tools, in particular setting expectations tools as they felt this would be the most useful for their trainers.

Trainer's workshop 18/12/2017 at KEFW, Birmingham

BTF invited trainers from KEFW Leadership. This is a local, but very large social enterprise that coaches local students of deprived neighbourhoods of Birmingham. They coach approximately 100 students a week in KEFW School and 100 students of the area. Their classes include maths, languages, sciences, digital skills and entrepreneurial competences. The workshop centred around the using these tools in their classes for the local students. This is because, non-formal quality management was identified as an effective tool to adapt their lessons for the local students, whom prefer non-formal teaching. of nonformal and interactive quality management tools.
For more information on these events, please follow the link: UK Events Report