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QualiTools for IT trainers
Improving the learning process, learning outcomes and learning transfer in IT training

The 3 year lasting Erasmus+ project being carried out in the EU partner countries PL, AT, PT, UK and BG seeks to enhance the professional development of VET teachers and trainers by strengthening their transversal skills of:
- adapting training to learners needs,
- reflecting on the quality of training processes,
- evaluating outcomes & transfer and
- improving their own practice accordingly.

The project target group are: ICT teachers, trainers and tutors in vocational schools, in enterprises & in VET organisations providing non-formal or formal further ICT training certificates (see above). 20 quality tools to be transferred in QualiTools were developed, tested and evaluated in 3 EU projects (Resyfac, Qualivet, SEALLL) and identified as good practice in the network project QALLL. They will be supplemented with 30 additional tools and provided in an online database as free of charge, ready-to-use tools for quality improvement of VET with detailed descriptions & PDF materials all available for free on this website. To build QA capacity on how to apply the tools for practitioners, a face-to-face (f2f) training programme and webinar will be developed, implemented & evaluated in each partner country.

Furthermore VET/QM managers in schools, colleges, enterprises will receive a manager guideline on how to combine "classic" QM with a bottom-up approach and how to support ICT teachers/trainers in applying the QA tools in practice. A training programme on how to apply the guidelines in practice will be developed.

In each partner country there will be organised Valorisation Workshops for QM/VET managers and for ICT teachers/trainers. The project will be finalized with an International Conference.

Project duration: 01.09.2015-31.08.2018